Welcomes all OEM/ODM Projects

We have abundant flatware supply experience, manufacturing capability, and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM integration a glowing success! Garbo is an extremely stainless steel flatware manufacturer with the ability to bring your ideas into viable computing solutions. We work with clients at all stages of design and manufacture, from design to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to you. Our ODM services enable our clients to cut time to market and reduce costs of flatware manufacturing and wholesale without the overhead of running their own production facility. Garbo’s advanced and comprehensive OEM services enable our customers to retain full control of design, while we assume end-to-end manufacturing responsibility.

Professional R&D Team

20+ years OEM/ODM experiences

More than 80 multitalented R&D engineers

Fast to prototyping & modeling

Production Capacity

80,000 Sq.meters factory

World-class automatic production lines

Thousands of sets of molds

The latest manufacturing equipment

Quality Control

Strict benchmarks for quality

Industry approved standards

Ongoing quality control

Team of experts in product QC

Perfect personnel training system

Customer Service

Industry level customized design & integration service

Collaboration with partners at all stages of project

One-stop service covers initiating project, design, prototype, production, shipping and after-sales service


All kinds of certificates to prove our high quality






Fast & Cheap Delivery

We have big discount from forwarder (Long Contract) cause we delivery every day.

If it is a small quantity of goods, and you want to speed up the time, we recommend shipping by air or rail.

If it is a large quantity of goods, we recommend shipping by sea. Usually, the transportation time is 15-30 working days.

Custom Flatware Service Process

1. Customers provide design drawings

Design drawings require detailed product dimensions, specific types of materials, color, pattern, logo size, surface treatment technology, etc. The detailed content will help us to help you design better products that meet your needs.
Gold plated, rose gold, black and rainbow of color, liven up your customers' dining experience with our huge selection of colorful flatware!
According to your specific needs and the pattern you provide, carry out professional design, make product renderings for your confirmation.
The location, size, color, printing method of the logo, and the content to be printed on the gift, etc. You need to provide formats of your logo.

2. Produces customized samples

After we confirm your design requirements, we will provide the design drawings to our engineers. After receiving your sample fee, we will start proofing according to the requirements. Under normal circumstances, it takes 7 working days to complete the proofing, and the specific time is subject to the factory arrangement.

3. Send samples

After the customized sample is completed, we will check it, and then send it to the customer for confirmation, after the confirmation is completed, we will start mass production according to the contract requirements. If you are not satisfied, we can ask the engineer to modify it again.​​​​​​​

4. Mass production

Mass production will be arranged immediately after we receive the deposit. Usually the production time takes about 15-45 days, and the time will vary according to the quantity.

5. Quality inspection

After the production of the product is completed, we will have a quality inspection team to check the product quality. Once is no problem, our logistics department will arrange the shipment of the goods.

6.About packaging

The inner packaging is plastic bag and carton, and the outer packaging is corrugated carton. Because the stainless steel products are easy to abrasion, we will pay more attention to the packaging to avoid the products rubbing against each other and causing scratches.

7. Customer inspection

After the customer receives the goods, we will check and follow up with the customer as necessary to resolve some minor errors in the next batch.