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How to choose the stainless steel material for flatware?

Pulished on Jan. 20, 2023


Usually, for dinner flatware, we usually have 6 styles of stainless steel material, here below are the advantage and disadvantages of them for your reference, when you decide to place a flatware order. You can also see from some brand products, on the handle back side, there is the etching mark with “18/10, 18/0,13/0...” do you know what it means? And what kind of stainless steel is used for the products?

How to choose the stainless steel material for flatware?cid=3

1)S/S 410(13/0), 13/0 stainless steel contains 13% chromium and 0% nickel, even if not add nickel, but still with good corrosion resistance, this material is the most normal material used to produce cutlery, suitable for all models, even the dinner and dessert knife, 13/0 the cost is in the competitive lever, food safety, most clients choose this for their cutlery order, special the South American, and some North American do middle lever market.

2)S/S 430(18/0), 18/0, contains 18% chromium, has 0% nickel, this material is more quality than 13/0, not only food safety but with good corrosion resistance, can pass food safety tests, also can pass other tests such as Acid and alkali resistance test, Oxidation test, this material is an affordable option for clients who require higher quality, Most North American and EU client like this material.

How to choose the stainless steel material for flatware?cid=3

3)S/S304(18/8) This is the high-quality stainless steel material known as 18/8, since it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, with Strong antioxidants, good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and to many organic and inorganic chemicals. This grade has excellent workability, weldability, and impact strength, so it’s a good material to produce flatware, but the price is also in a high lever, if you are in the high-end tableware market, you can choose this one.

4)S/S201(18/2) This material with copper, and is element-magnetic, with light toxicity, but will not harm human health, clients from the Middle east special Iran, Egypt, and Russia like this material.

How to choose the stainless steel material for flatware?cid=3

5)S/S420(13/2), This material with carbon, and tenacity, and easily rebound, so it usually uses as a cutlery knife, or a kitchen knife.

6)S/S 316(18/10), 18/10 contains 18% chromium and 10% of nickel, this material is the highest lever material for manufacturing cutlery, when compared to 18/8, this material is more durable use, not easy to bend, and well resistant to corrosion, many famous brand flatware use this for their products.

How to choose the stainless steel material for flatware?cid=3

The above are the 6 kinds of raw materials used for cutlery, I think now you have an idea of how to choose the raw material when placing the flatware order.