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How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival

Pulished on Sep. 23, 2022

With the recent plunge of sea freight, many customers seize the rare opportunity to import a large amount of goods from China, among which tableware products are one of them. Coinciding with the September Sourcing Festival, Garbo International is an advantageous merchant in tableware export, gathering the advantages of professional strength, fast delivery, product customization and after-sales service. In the mid-autumn and September, Garbo has also arranged a series of live broadcasts to show customers many hot products and the latest popular products. From the most intuitive perspective, we will take you to purchase the best quality tableware at the lowest cost from the premium merchants.Why Garbo Flatware is Trusted by the Global Market?


1. Europe the Best Selling Cutlery

LIVE TIME: 2022/09/06 16:00-18:00

 How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival

This live show is the European hot styles, including the Portuguese thin flatware, British hot flatware, simple models of stock flatware. from the aesthetic preferences of Europe and the United States and combined with the experience of the European and American orders, Europe and the United States hot styles are simple models of all-steel silver cutlery, these flatware handle is basically without any grain. Portugal's thin model flatware is relatively slender, spoon, knife and fork mouth is also relatively thin some, but in the color and handle at the design. The colors are natural silver, PVD rose gold and PVD gold, the handle at the spray color pink, white and gray, if customers like other colors can also be customized, this set is matte polished. Other styles can be divided into simple models with and without grain. These two models are mirror polished, the surface will be a little brighter than matte, mirror polishing is also the most popular polishing method on the market. The minimalist design with the highest quality flatware polish perfectly fits the demand of the European market, so Garbo keeps producing some stocked products for customers to pick up quickly.


2. High-quality Stocked 210SS Mirror Polished Cutlery

LIVE TIME: 2022/09/15 15:00-17:00

 How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival

This live product is Garbo's latest promotional line of stocking products. Because of the problem involving flatware with small volume and heavy weight, Garbo has planned a stock product promotion project considering the large starting order of stainless steel cutlery production, which involves a wide range of products. Product material is mainly 201 stainless steel, there are a variety of styles to choose from, including the original color without the pattern of the simple model, the original color with engraved models, the original color with gold engraved models, PVD gold, rose gold, rainbow color, etc.. A variety of patterns and colors to meet the different needs of various markets, packaging are PVC bags with hanging cards, the classic supermarket 6 display set. The advantage of these stock knives and forks is that there are many styles, fast delivery and low price, customers who need immediate delivery can choose these styles.


3. Hot Sale Stainless Steel Flatware

LIVE TIME: 2022/09/17 12:00-15:00

 How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival

The theme of this live is the hot sale flatware in South America. the product is mainly ABS material clip handle and PS handle flatware, for the previous style, the style is very different. First of all, the handle material of this type of cutlery is different, plastic cutlery is more popular in this market, and the details of the design, including the wood grain handle and marble grain handle is the new popular products. Garbo also developed a new mold for customers, in addition to the regular style, if customers want to customize the style and shape we can also provide the technology of mold opening.


4. Competitive Price Stainless Steel Cutlery

LIVE TIME: 2022/09/24 12:00-15:00

 How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival

This is a live broadcast of tumble or water polished flatware, which is relatively lighter and thinner because the polishing method is tumble polishing, which is very advantageous for customers who do not pursue quality and have large orders. And our shock polished products do not look low-end, flatware surface open is also mirror polished effect, and the style is also very diverse, there is no pattern of simple models, but also for different markets designed for a variety of patterns, but also support custom embossed logo and design. The more you order, the better the price. Different materials, different polishing methods and different sizes determine the price of the product, if you like to shock polish flatware customers can prefer Garbo brand products.


Garbo has nearly 30 years of experience in the tableware industry, the stability of business operations, scheduling capabilities and export experience are completely trustworthy. Garbo's this September live product market trend is also very clear, each live corresponding to the market and its popular products. Why not seize the opportunity to purchase flatware from Garbo while the shipping cost is plummeting?

How to Choose Premium Flatware Merchant in China-September Sourcing Festival