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Garbo Supplier Custom Knives and Forks - Amazon Merchants' Choice

Pulished on Nov. 21, 2022

Garbo Flatware was established in 1993 and has been engaged in foreign trade for more than 29 years. Jiabao has a professional knife and fork sample display room, a knife and fork product design and modeling team with more than 10 people, and a professional stainless steel knife and fork production in Jieyang. Bases and offices, the above advantages are why Jiabao has become the majority of Amazon merchants to customize knife and fork products. Top 10 flatware factories& suppliers in the world 2022,So, what can Garbo's knives and forks be customized?

Each product has its own unique features, and there are a variety of types to choose from, including products with a surface harder than tempered glass to resist scratches after repeated use and washing, and products that emphasize presence or gloss in particular. Welcome to contact us, we will recommend you the tableware that perfectly meets your requirements. Dimensions vary by application. (Dimensions may vary slightly by design.)

1. Different knife and fork sizes can be customized

The difference in the size of cutlery will affect the dining experience and comfort of consumers and users most of the time, so many consumers like to look for cutlery with customizable sizes, including length, width, thickness and weight. These factories can be customized for you one by one. Jiabao’s professional, experienced design team of more than 10 people can create the most professional and aesthetic product stereogram for you, and produce tableware that meets different purposes.

Garbo  Supplier Custom Knives and Forks - Amazon Merchants' Choice

2. Different handle designs can be customized

Garbo can customize different knife and fork handles for you, such as titanium-plated style, electroplated colors include gold, magic color and rose gold, etc., all of which are debugged and designed according to the customer's favorite and preferred style; spray paint style, For post-processing products such as spray painting, relatively speaking, the colors that can be selected are relatively wide. The surface of spray painted products has a frosted feeling; laser style, laser usually only has two colors of black and white, and there is no other color choice, but it can be used on the surface. Touching a slight concave-convex feeling, the production of the craft is very simple, using a computer to make patterns and so on, so you just need to tell us your needs, and we can create your own exclusive knife and fork for you

Garbo  Supplier Custom Knives and Forks - Amazon Merchants' Choice

3. Color customization of knife and fork


Whether it is silver, rose gold, gold or magic color, we can customize the production for you. Jiabao is a flexible and creative trader, manufacturer and supplier, we provide customers with 100% satisfactory service, so that customers can find the products they need.

Garbo  Supplier Custom Knives and Forks - Amazon Merchants' Choice

The above is the reason why Garbo has become the most customized knife and fork products for Amazon merchants.

Garbo is an enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel cookware, tools and tableware. Professional to provide customers with product development, manufacturing, sales and other services. Based on the business tenet of "sharing, tolerance, integrity, innovation, and win-win", the company pursues reasonable quality at reasonable prices. With our good technology and market awareness, we develop and produce more and more fantastic and stylish cooking tools and utensils. Our products are the most popular in major domestic and foreign markets for their style, quality and grade. Looking into the future, we will still forge ahead and create our future.